Thursday, July 26, 2012

worshipping a new saint

a few weeks ago i was finally able to try out gladstone pizza and the saint pizza lounge. 
i had heard about this place quite a while ago but it's a bit off the beaten path so it just was never in the forefront of my mind when trying to think of places to eat.  luckily my friends suggested it and i'm so happy they did.

gladstone pizza is made up of two storefronts at 38th and division.  one is the pizza place and the other is the st. pizza lounge.  being as though i always will sit in the lounge if that option is given, we headed into st. pizza which is like a restaurant version of my home!  anyone who knows me, knows that i collect all sorts of saint icons and frida's as well (she is practically a saint right?).

so of course i had to sit under the giant frida mural!  i'm not sure whose idea it was to paint this on a side wall in a pizza place but i LOVE it.  the lounge is clean and sparse with a bit of a retro feel to it.  i'm not sure if it ever gets very busy on this side of the restaurant, i was surprised there weren't very many people sitting in there but this is where i will head every time i dine at gladstone pizza.

oh and hey, i can't forget to mention that the pizza is phenomenal.  i generally go for a pretty simple margherita pizza but the server suggested this one with sausage and carmelized onions on it.  topped with fresh arugula it was so good and gone in minutes.  we ate every last bit and still made room for a piece of blueberry pie with vanilla ice cream.  yeah baby, it was good!  i can't wait to get back here again soon.

gladstone pizza is at:
3813 se gladstone
open 5pm-midnight

and they do also have a nice outdoor sitting area in the back so if you enjoy dining alfresco, as to sit out there.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

new wheels

i don't remember where i found this photo but i think it's perfect for portland. who wouldn't love a crocheted bike tire? although the mud...

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

i've been hibernating...

but i promise i will be out on some new adventures very soon.

in the meantime, i've been checking in over at rouge.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

my own private river

those of you who have been keeping up with my blog since my meager beginnings, may remember this post about my love of portland acquired through many, many viewings of my favorite film ever, my own private idaho.

while i had been to portland several times as a kid, i truly fell in love with our fair city while i was living in albuquerque after i saw the film my own private idaho at the funky little guild theater. it was at that time that i made it my goal in life to one day move here.

after moving here, i have visited and experienced so many places from the film and even have the luck to run into gus and scott green in the neighborhood once in a while. (ok, i still don't know where the chinese restaurant is that they all hung out in the film so if anyone out there knows where it is, i would looooove to know.)

when the film milk was released, i was lucky enough (for once) to win tickets to its premier at the schnitz where both gus and james franco talked about the film. i have been a huge fan of franco's since then because he just seems like a genuinely cool guy. and well, gus...enough said, i will love and adore his shy quirkiness for eva!

so imagine my excitement when i saw advertised in the willamette week that gus and franco will be at the hollywood theater this sunday showing franco's collection of out takes of river from my own private idaho that have been put together in a short film. oh you know i will be there. to see the young and beautiful river in never before seen footage is just about it for me.

the bonus for attending this showing is that the proceeds go to help the renovation of the hollywood theater which is one of the most beautiful theaters in town.

so if you are a portland film buff at all, a fan of gus's films, a fan of franco's, or the much missed phoenix (RIP), i expect to see you there!

the screenings take place at 12 and 12:30 this sunday the 25th and the cost is $35.00per person.

hollywood theater
4122 ne sandy blvd

Friday, July 29, 2011

the bent brick

last week my coworker and i were going out for a bite to eat and she suggested checking out this new restaurant called the bent brick.

the bent brick is located in the beautiful brick building that was once home to the oddball/baddoll shoe store. i've always thought that this building needed to be a restaurant instead and i'm so happy it finally is.

there is a great little seating area in the front complete with a giant jengo sculpture. it would be fun to hang out in this lounge over cocktails with friends.

and then the back of the dining room opens up completely. we have so few nice days here in portland and outdoor dining can be somewhat of a challenge. so the perfect solution is just to open up the side of the restaurant. this would even be nice on a rainy night.

we just had a few light snacks but the food is really good. my favorite was the roasted snow peas. these were snow peas in the pods and roasted on the grill. i loved these so much that lorenzo and i went to the farmer's market last week and bought some beautiful snow peas and then roasted them ourselves. this is my new favorite snack. why had i never had this before?

and i can't believe that i didn't get a photo of their wine taps. all of their wines are on tap. now i really need this at home. delicious wines right out of the tap. yes, please!

so get on over and check out the bent brick for yourself. you will be very happy i sent you.

1639 nw marshall

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

so long satyricon

my very first night in portland back in 1998, my best friend picked me up at the ben stark hotel (now the ace) and took me to a "performance" art show over at satyricon. which really was no more than moxy love crux backing up for the strippers.

because this was such a new scene for me, i fell in love with portland and with satyricon that night. well i still love portland but sadly, satyricon has been gone for quite some time for me.

satyricon closed several years ago and then reopened briefly as an all ages venue. that lasted a year or so and then opened back up as a night club. however, fate would hold nothing more for satyricon after the building was set for demolition to become yet another housing project here in old town.

several years ago, we saw the closure of satyricon's restaurant portion, fellini, and that is when we all knew the end was in sight. on any given night at fellini, the average portlander could hang out with band members waiting to play or celebrating after a sucessful show. i actually really liked fellini more than satyricon, as it was not quite so gritty. yet that is what was always so great about satyricon. apparently restaurant codes aren't applicable to night clubs!

and today was the day. my coworker came in my office to tell me the walls were coming down so i had to run out to get a shot of my portland history. satyricon may no longer be here but all of my great memories of that place will always be with me...especially strippers dancing to the moxy love crux.

oregon music news

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

say it isn't so...

for those of you familiar with my day job, i thought i would give you a little gift.  yes, that's right, pendleton home is having another one of their fabulous opening ceremony sample sales.

this time around, it is the spring oc line and mostly women's wear but there is still some cool men's items, they just need to get here quick.  the sale starts at 10 am thursday, july 7th and we will be open for first thursday until 8 pm.

call or email the store if you have any questions. 
210 nw broadway pdx, 97209

see ya there!