Friday, January 7, 2011

boots glorious boots!

hello my portland peeps, how is everything so far this new year? we wrapped up the holiday season (literally) in the store and are ready to move on. it's crazy but next week i'm heading to atlanta market to shop for ornaments for next holiday season. let me tell you, it's hard to look for ornaments in january!

and while atlanta does not seem like it would get very cold, last year i absolutely froze my arse off so this year i'm planning my wardrobe accordingly. not to mention that i'm heading to new york at the end of the month and we all know what new york is like in january. warm togs are definitely in order.

so i decided i wanted to use my holiday money from lorenzo on a new pair of boots. i'm heading over to johnny sole right now to get these beauties, the frye melissa riding boot. i love frye boots because they are stylish, last forever and i can stand in them all day.

i also just purchased this crazy pendleton meets opening ceremony coat at a sample sale. i think it will keep me plenty warm layed over some key pieces. that and i'll definitely stand out in a snow drift!

i'm not really a hat person but i figure that if i'm going to wear something that i don't normally wear, then i can be a little outlandish. so i'm going on the hunt (ha ha) for a furry hat like this. (image from garance dore)

and then i'll need a chunky scarf like this to tie everything together...oh i'm so clever. and then i think i just may be ready for my east coast travel. (image from the sweet 7)

let me know if you have any suggestions where i can find great accessories like these in portland.

and i hope you all have a fabulous weekend. tgif!