Thursday, July 30, 2009

je t'aime vin

a carlton vineyard

la rambla

nick's italian

so if you are a wine lover like i am, there is a great event happening out in carlton this weekend that i highly recommend. it's called carlton's walk in the park.

one of the things i love about portland is our close proximity to some amazing wine country and carlton is my absolute favorite place to go to visit some of the best oregon wineries. carlton's walk in the park is perfect because many of the wineries and restaurants are there together in one place so you don't have to drive to each individual establishment which can be a bit of a challenge navigating those country roads. i always manage to get lost when i'm out there!

the event takes place at carlton's wennerberg park and it only costs $15to get into which is a great price anyway but the proceeds go to charity so it's well worth it. two of my favorite mcminnville restaurants, la rambla (so cute and bohemian)and nick's italian cafe are going to be there so be sure to check them out at the event or stop by one of them on your way home.
la rambla 238 ne 3rd 503.435.2126
nick's 521 ne 3rd 503.434.4471

be sure to take a designated driver as it is a ways out and i don't want anyone getting into trouble.

bisou, bisou!

(la rambla and nick's photo from what's cooking, carlton photo from flickr c@l)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

alejandro escovedo's soul

alejandro escovedo

aladdin theater

this thursday night july 30th, a wonderful musician by the name of alejandro escovedo is playing at the aladdin theater.

my friend and i discovered alejandro about 15 years ago when he played in a bar in albuquerque. after our first experience at his show, we followed him around the southwest including a few visits to his then hometown of austin all the way up to portland. he's just a great guy and an amazing musician (and a cutie, don't you think?). his music runs from dark and soulful to seriously rockin'. my favorite is his kick-ass rendition of iggy pop's "i wanna be your dog".

alejandro comes from a long line of musician's including his brother pete escovedo who plays with santana and whom at one time made up the san francisco punk band the "true believers" with alejandro, to his niece sheila escovedo more commonly known as sheila e. he is also a friend and peer of the great willie nelson. he is the father of seven children and now lives in san antonio, texas.

so if you're looking for a great show, check him out at the aladdin theater.
3017 se milwaukie 503.234.9694

portland is burning

in my post called ladd walk, i mentioned a little restaurant called palio. well, i thought that it would be appropriate to mention it again today because they have the most fabulous ice cream sandwich i have ever had, in my life, ever! i can't emphasize this enough.

yesterday my friend and i were looking for some ice cream in my neighborhood and we ran into another friend of mine and told her what we were looking for. she said to head over to palio because their ice cream sandwiches were "dope". knowing that my friend does not throw the word "dope" around lightly, i knew they must be good so we walked over to get one and trust me, she was right. i need to get better about this blogging thing because i did not have my camera with me and they definitely merit a photo but this way it will be a surprise when you see it.

so run, don't walk to palio to get one of their ice cream sandwiches. it's a rare occassion in portland that we get this kind of heat wave so go celebrate with an ice cream sandwich. and ash, you were right, they are dope! palio is located in the center of ladd's addition.

bisou, bisou!

Monday, July 27, 2009

buon giorno serratto

serratto restaurant

the beautiful open dining room

today hawthorne girl had her visit to the dentist (ouch) but was very pleased that her girl friend called her to meet for lunch afterward. we decided that northwest would be a good neighborhood to visit because it would be convenient for both of us. we were tossing around ideas for lunch and i remembered the wonderful mediterranean restaurant serratto. serratto is located on a corner on northwest 21st that has housed restaurants for over 25 years in its very beautiful open space.

it was a perfect day to visit as it was so hot outside, the cool terracotta tiles made for an inviting indoor dining experience. oh it was much too hot for me to dine outside today. it's a rare summer day in portland that i don't enjoy being outside and today is one of them. apparently, this southwestern girl has become much more acclimated to portland's cooler weather! it was also the perfect location for my friend and i to talk about our possible trip to italy this winter.

serratto is another one of those restaurants that has been around for a while now so you don't hear about it quite as much in the media as some of the newer establishments but it does not disappoint. the atmosphere and the food definitely make a visit worthwhile. they are open 7 days a week and have a very good happy hour and they have several beautiful private dining rooms if you ever need one for a party.
2112 nw kearney 503.221.1195


Thursday, July 23, 2009

pearl walk two

so yesterday during lunch i decided to go for a walk through the neighborhood and here are a few places that i wanted to tell you about.

cupcake jones
i mean really, doesn't a cupcake make it all better? i decided that since it was wednesday, we should have some cupcakes so i bought a dozen of the minis to share with my coworkers. yummy! my favorite is the red velvet of course. they even put a sugar-coated rose petal on top. but to be honest, i'll take any flavor of cupcake. what's your favorite?

for some reason, everytime i pass by here, i think of samantha jones from sex in the city and thinks it's cute they named a cupcake shop after her. i doubt that's really the case but you never know.
307 nw 10th avenue 503.222.4404

the colorful case. which one should i choose?

one of the stylish portland streetcars. oh we're so cool and euro. if you take the streetcar in the downtown area, it's free.

i needed to pop into oblation papers and press to pick up some cards. i love this store, i buy a lot of my holiday gifts here. they are also a letterpress so if you ever need any cards or invitations printed, they do a beautiful job.
516 nw 12th avenue 503.223.1093

the next stop was to see my friend over at french quarter linens. just stepping into this store makes me feel relaxed. oh how i would love to have my bed fitted entirely in their linens. besides wonderful linens, they also have beautiful home accessories and gift items.
1313 nw glisan 503.282.8200

don't you just want to hop right in? i could never work here. i would be a total freak if anyone ever messed up the perfectly made up beds.

across the street from french quarter is one of my favorite restaurants, andina. it's specialty is peruvian cuisine and it is soooo good. it is also a lovely restaurant and has live music on the weekends to make for a nice dining experience. if you can, i highly recommend sneaking downstairs to check out their banquet room. i would love to have this room in my house. it's gorgeous!
1314 nw glisan 503.228.9535

sorry about these last two photos, my poor little camera doesn't do so well on these really sunny days. it is a portland camera after all!

cha cha cha taqueria is a local chain here that serves really delicious and huge burritos. my favorite is the chile relleno burrito but you really can't go wrong with anything here.

this location in the pearl is regularly frequented by my man gus van sant (shhh it's a secret) and the actor scott patrick green. i'm such a dork if i see them and get all nervous, they are my portland heroes, you know. gus is known for being extremely shy so i would never approach him in this setting but inside i'm dying to give him a big hug!
1208 nw glisan 503.221.2111

so there's my latest little neighborhood walk. i'll be back with more because there are so many great places over here that i can't possibly list all my favorites in one post.

until next time bisou, bisou!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

oh lovejoy

drugstore cowboy

on the set

the lovejoy columns

i was walking through the pearl today and started past the lovejoy columns and realized this would be a great post for this afternoon. do you remember the columns from the movie "drugstore cowboy"? they were used as the location in the opening scene.

when the pearl district began it's major redevelopment a few years back, it included the demolition of the lovejoy bridge. it was unclear what would happen to these famous columns and after the bridge was torn down, the columns were put into storage for a few years. i was so happy to see them resurrected in the little plaza that they currently stand in (nw 10th and everett).

here is the history that is imprinted on one of the columns and shown in a photo above.

"from 1948 to 1952, greek immigrant and artist tom e. stefopoulos created a series of paintings on the columns of the old lovejoy ramp. the two columns in this plaza bear six of tom's original paintings...prior to being redeveloped, much of what is now called the 'pearl district' was a rail-yard. this rail-yard, spanned by the lovejoy ramp, was where tom worked as a watchmen for the sp&s railroad. during idle moments tom created these paintings. as he explained in a 1967 interview, 'when trains stop at crossing, waiting for other trains to switch, i climb on top of boxcar next to painting, reach out like this, and paint. sometimes, when i'm not finished, the train wait a minute-i paint-then climb down and wave her on'. as cultural treasures, these painted columns were saved from demolition..."

i highly recommend you stop by and pay homage to the columns if you haven't yet. they are such a big part of our quirky portland personality. thank you gus for immortalizing them in the film drugstore cowboy.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

chapel of my eye

sellwood chapel/oaks pioneer church

although i'm not particularly religious by any organized standard (i generally go with dog), i have always had a fascination for little chapels. when i lived in the southwest, i would often take drives on the weekend and find these chapels in every small town. i loved photographing them but since this was the time before digital photography, i have never converted these photos to share with you. i will try to work on this. but in the meantime, i would love to show you some of the chapels i have found around portland. today, i'll start with probably the most well-known of them all, the sellwood chapel, also known as the oaks pioneer church.

the chapel was originally built in 1851 and was called the st. john's episcopal church. it has moved three times from its original location in milwaukie to its current location in sellwood, where it has been since 1961.

in 1960 it had fallen into disuse and was scheduled for demolition but a group of people raised $4300 to move the chapel (by boat) to its current sellwood location and this is when it took on the name of oaks pioneer church. the chapel now hosts about 300 weddings a year.

when i was looking for information on the chapel, i came across this beautiful local wedding blog. so if you're thinking about getting hitched, this looks like a great resource. (night time photo from modern romance)
modern romance

in the closet

my closet in its current state

what i would love my closet to look like

if there is one thing i do not heart, it's my closet. i must confess, i'm a bit of a closet slob. it's not that i intentionally have a sloppy closet, it's just that i don't know what to do with it. i've tried everything--organizing by color, this makes the back of my closet look like a black hole, organizing by style--i can't find anything because it's too many colors and patterns mixed together. i've tried and tried to work on it until i just give up and it goes right back to the way it was before.

and another thing is the shoe situation. they just get so dusty on the floor and i'm constanly stepping on them. i've tried keeping them in the boxes and that lasts about one week because i'm too lazy to put them back in. i've also tried the hanging pouches and they never get put back in or i can't find what i'm looking for.

i am determined to tackle my closet issues! i have even called in a professional, my friend jandi at inspire style. inspire style is a great resource for finding the clothing that best works for you. i intend to do a full post on inspire style so today i'm just going to share with you what she suggested regarding my closet dilemma.

1. decorate your closet for daily inspiration.
2. create a place that promotes happiness through the use of lighting, scents, color, music and artwork.
3. create positive associations with clothes.
4. use the closet only for the storage of clothes. get everything out that is non-clothing related and anything (clothing included) that drains you or brings you down.

so this is my next project. i am going to take the advice of my friend and apply it to my closet reorganization. i'm even showing you the current state of my closet (how embarassing) in order to give me the motivation to accomplish this goal. i'll report back in a few weeks with photos of the new and improved closet. please feel free to give me any tips you use when it comes to closet organization.

thank you jandi for your help!
(closet image by the container store)

Monday, July 20, 2009

joy division

nuestra cocina

bar avignon

bar avignon community table

twill boutique

thank goodness i found my camera and my phone last night. all is well here, now! i have been wanting to tell you about some of my favorites over on se division and 21st avenue.

one of my absolute favorite mexican restaurants is nuestra cocina. i've been going there for a few years now and come to think of it, am about due for another visit. the first thing i noticed about nuestra is how fresh everything is. from the made to order guacamole (not on the menu, ask for it) to the hand made tortillas. i love this place. their soft tacos are to die for and they have what i consider the best chile relleno in town. it's not deep fried like most rellenos, just the chile and a delicious pork mixture with cream queso fresco on top. yum! oh, and i can't forget to mention the red chile margarita, so good and refreshing i think a day like today calls for one. oops, except they aren't open on mondays so i'll have to wait one more day, darn.
2135 se division 503.232.2135

directly across the street from nuestra cocina is another one of my favorites, bar avignon. you may remember this location as being the former red and black cafe but my how it's changed. i love the interiors of this place with the cool bar in the front and the community table in the back. i like to walk here on friday evenings with lulu. i get the chicken liver mousse and she gets the bressaola off the meat and cheese plate. avignon is relatively new so if you haven't been there go check it out. it truly has the feel of a cafe in the south of france.
2138 se division 503.517.0808 they have a very cool website with much better pics than i can take.
(community table photo by jenna biggs)

a few weeks ago i was sitting outside of avignon and noticed a little shop a few doors down called twill boutique. they were having a little sidewalk sale so lulu and i went to check it out. what great deals they had, i bought several pieces for nothing. we went inside and let me tell you, this is one dog friendly boutique. the girls were so sweet and couldn't get enough of lulu. they have a lot of really great dresses and specialize in natural fibers which i like. this has become a regular stop for lulu and i.
2132 se division st 503.922.2084

there are several other new businesses on this stretch of division like tart, a frozen yogurt bar and a new italian restaurant that i would like to check out. you would be surprised how much it has changed since the red and black days.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

i heart my camera!

bande a part

nouvelle vague


the chocolate war

i'm very disappointed today because i can't find my trusty little camera (or phone). i hadn't realized how much my camera has become an extension of me since i began my blog. it's such a beautiful day that i would love nothing more than to shoot some photos around town to share with you but until the little thing is located, i will have to rely on the internet.

the other day at work when i should have been productive i decided instead to do some music shopping. and while most of the time i go to music millenium for my cds, i couldn't leave work so i had to rely on amazon. i had been wanting to buy a nouvelle vague cd but i'm not totally familiar with their music and i wasn't sure which one to buy. i decided to buy the album "bande a part" since it's named after one of my all time favorite french movies.

i received the album at home and immediately put it on to listen to it. it turns out that it is an album of various different cover songs. while i don't mind a cover song here and there, i'm usually not too keen on listening to an entire album of covers but i was cleaning up so i just let it go. after a few songs, they went into the cover of yaz's "don't go" (which by the way is a very cool version). listening to this song brought back so many memories of my college years when we listened to bands like erasure, yaz, and new order. i have such fond memories of this time with my friends and being away from home for the first time. i remember two of my friends made up a song for their answering machine greeting to an erasure song and i can still remember it word for word.

so after i started thinking about yaz, naturally that reminded me of "the chocolate war" and what a great movie that was.

isn't it funny how one song can trigger so many memories?

so until i can track down my camera, here are some suggestions for some music and films for you to check out and i promise, i'll get more fabulous portland pics up soon.

happy sunday!

Friday, July 17, 2009

my heart

i love you guys!

so i was reading one of my favorite blogs yesterday, the english muse, and she mentioned this other blog called rockstar diaries. her description of this blog was so cute that i decided to check it out. and now i'm obsessed! it is the cutest, sweetest thing ever and written by a young married couple and their day to day adventures. ever since reading it, i've been noticing things that make me happy that i completely overlook. things like yesterday when i pulled up at home lulu was looking out the living room window and that she does this almost every day and it makes me so happy to see that little face at the end of the work day (i promise i'll get a picture of it up), and also things like a phone call from my cute boyfriend after we've maybe had a little tiff. things like these are really what matter yet we overlook them all of the time and focus on the bad things or think about the things we think we deserve that we can't have, etc, etc.

so i urge you to go to this website and check it out. i love these people and i don't even know them. and by the way, they are gorgeous. she totally reminds me of amelie, one of the all time greatest movies.

so thank you to naomi and josh for showing me that the little things in life are what really matter and that i should never take them for granted.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

benny and jerry

the bosco-milligan/architectural heritage center

yesterday's post about the pied cow reminded me of this wonderful organization that i used to volunteer for that i wanted to tell you about. it's called the bosco-milligan foundation (also known as the architectural heritage center). the organization was created in the name of jerry bosco and benny milligan whom individually were collecting architectural salvage in the 70s. they were each so disappointed with the destruction of old buildings going on here in portland, that they started collecting parts of the building that were being torn off and discarded in order to save a part of portland's history. friends of theirs were telling them that they really needed to meet each other as they both had the same goals and interests in mind. they eventually met, became friends then a couple and continued to work to save as much of this history that they could. they also began buying old portland houses and they even bought a building in the commercial part of town on grand avenue that later became the home of their stained glass business.

which brings me back to the pied cow as this was one of the homes that they owned as well as another one around the corner from the pied cow. isn't it such a beautiful lady? i've always loved painted ladies. i think it comes from the fact that growing up in the southwest, we really didn't have architecture like this. when we would travel to towns with victorian houses, my mom and i would go and look at them in awe. i even got to live in one once for a year. it was so beautiful but a little out of my price range and sadly i had to move after my lease was up (i'll try to get a photo of it up soon).

oh yeah, so benny and jerry acquired over 10,000 sqare feet of these salvaged goods throughout their years together, much of it being stored in their building on grand. sadly, they both passed away in the late 80s and the city was up against what to do with these goods. they were donated to the historic preservation league but it was so much for them to handle with their limited resources that the decision was made to create a foundation specifically for their collection, the bosco-milligan foundation. this foundation has done so much for the city in regards to historic preservation, including the renovation of the building on grand that benny and jerry once worked out of. they worked relentlessly to restore the building back to it's original design. over the years the building's bricks had been painted over and it was decided that what had to be done to restore the original brick facade was to individually turn the bricks around so the back side which had not been painted would face out.

the architectural heritage center finally opened a few years ago so you can go and visit this beautiful old building. it functions as a sort of "library" for home restoration where you can attend classes and work shops on topics such as windows, door knobs, etc. once a year, they host a kitchen revival tour as well as hosting historic home tours. next time you're in the neighborhood, pop in and check it out. you can also go to their website and look at upcoming events including their primary fund raiser "the riches of a city" auction. (photo by eventective)
701 se grand ave

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

cow pie or pied cow?

the pied cow

so after enjoying dinner at biwa sunday evening, lorenzo suggested we head some place else for dessert, which we all thought sounded like a great idea. we tossed out a few ideas that sounded ok but then lorenzo mentioned the pied cow. we all shouted a unanimous "yes"! the pied cow has been around as long as i've been in portland but with all of the new fabulous up-and-coming establishments, sometimes the great old ones are forgotten.

so we all headed up belmont on this chilly evening to have dessert at the pied cow. the pied cow reminds me of a place i would own if i lived in a little town somewhere that i could be the most eccentric woman around. i would wear black turtlenecks with long straight hair covered in fabulous pucci scarves and serve wonderful desserts that i made in the kitchen of the apartment i lived in upstairs.

the pied cow is warm and dark and lit only by the flickering candlelight on the tables. it has quite an extensive menu but i must admit, i have never eaten anything there other than dessert. they are also know for their beautiful outdoor garden where you can smoke a hookah after your dinner as well as serving a drink called kava. kava is a polynesian beverage that is consumed in order to relax without disrupting mental clarity.

i was still quite full after our large dinner but my tablemates ordered desserts as well as some kava to share. i opted for my usual glass of red wine and for a bite of their desserts. the kava arrived to the table in a big punch bowl with three cups. each person is to dip a cup in the bowl and to serve each other. to my surprise, unlike tea, kava is served the temperature of tap water and it has the "tea" just floating in the water unstrained. i decided to try a bit and decided that it tasted like tapwater with twigs and while it may relax you without altering clarity, i will stick with my relaxing red wine that thankfully alters my clarity!

for dessert, we shared a banana split and a caramel sundae. both were delicious and reminded me of being a little girl with a good old-fashioned ice cream.

so don't forget the wonderful old portland establishments with each new "it" place that opens up. head to the pied cow one evening soon. it is housed in a beautful victorian painted lady and i've been told by a former resident who lived upstairs that it is quite haunted. oooh...

3244 se belmont 503.230.4866

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

lulu's update

lulu and willie

i just want to send a big thank you out to all of you who were able to stop by the yard sale in support of lulu's cause. we had a really great time and had a successful sale. all of the neighborhood doggie's stopped by in support and lulu was exhausted after a full day of play. we had pugs, labs, miniature pinchers and australian shepards but the cutest dog of the day was a 12 week old boston terrier named unagi. she was so sweet and lulu had a great time with her. i wish i would have taken a picture but there was so much going on, i forgot.

lulu had her appointment yesterday with the specialist and we found out she is not a good candidate for a cataract surgery and that in fact, boston terriers do not take to this surgery due to genetics. i was hoping i could bring back her eyesight through surgery but by doing this, it could actually make her much worse. the vet said that she only sees light and dark and shadows and since she is so young, it's most likely all she has ever seen and that she has adapted very well. he gave us some medication to relieve some of the pressure that cataracts cause but other than that, there is nothing that can be done. i had a little cry after i got the news but now i'm determined to give her the best life i can. i feel that the specialist is very good and he has done thousands of cataract surgeries so i trust his advice. if you are ever in need of a good vet, give the northwest veterinary specialist a call. they are a little way out in clackamas but they do a great job. they even have an urgent care in you ever have an emergency.
16756 se 82nd dr. clackamas 503.656.3999

so despite lulu's lack of vision, with her heightened sense of smell, i'm afraid she will still torment our kitty. sorry willie!

biwa happy

biwa izakaya

looking down into the dining room

a cute vintage volvo across the street

although rain was in the forecast for sunday morning, i was determined to have the yard sale anyway so lulu and i were up late tagging items for the sale and baking cupcakes and brownies for my little bake sale. when we woke up sunday morning, it was overcast but had not yet rained. i decided we would just take a chance and go for it. while we got a slow start, it tuned out to be a great sale. we sold a lot of our goods and the fundraiser bake sale was a success. as we took the last load of left over items into the house at 4 pm, it started to drizzle. so mother nature worked with us that day.

as it was a little chilly and overcast, my fellow yard salers and i wanted to end the day with something warm to eat. there is a restaurant in town that i have wanted to try for quite some time and it seemed like the perfect opportunity. the restaurant called biwa izakaya. izakaya is the term for japanese tavern food. they must have really fancy taverns in japan because it's nothing like the standard american tavern food of hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken and jo jos! the food was absolutely delicious. we had a japanese style beef tartare, gyoza, salad and bbq pork and rice. however, the highlights of the dinner were the big steaming bowls of udon and ramen soup. the soup really hit the spot after a chilly day outside and my table mates and i all agreed that it was nice to have a meal like this in july.

biwa is housed in the basement level of the former la luna theater. the la luna was a music venue in the 90s where many northwest bands played including the likes of nirvana to elliot smith. sadly, the la luna is no longer around but there are two great restaurants in the basement (i'll do a separate post for simpatica because it deserves one of its own). on winter evenings, the windows of biwa are so steamy you can barely see in and it looks like a speakeasy down there. so the next cool evening we have here in portland, head over to biwa for some delicious noodle soup.

oh yes, i can't forget to mention that they are open every night until midnight where they have a reduced price menu.
215 se 9th 503.239.8830

Friday, July 10, 2009

i heart the cart

nuevo mexico on the corner of sw 3rd and stark

food carts on sw 5th between oak and pine

although i've been thinking a lot in french lately due to tomorrow's bastille day fete here in portland, for lunch, today, i was in the mood to head over to nuevo mexico.

nuevo mexico is one of the many food carts (or "pods" as locals refer to them)lining the streets of portland. being as though i grew up in new mexico, sometimes i desperately need my green chile fix. nuevo mexico serves up delicious traditional new mexican street food such as burritos and stuffed sopapillas and uses the finest of green chile, hatch green chile. hatch is to chile what napa is to wine. in my opinion there is no other green chile. once you've had hatch, all others pale in comparison. anyway, i digress...nuevo mexico is owned by the former drummer for the shins, who also grew up in new mexico.

i ordered the ground beef, beans and green chile sopapilla with a mexican coke. it was so good i couldn't wait to eat it, half way through i remembered that i wanted to take a picture of my beautiful lunch but i decided at that point, it may be in poor taste to do so. next time i'll try to remember before i dive in.

so if you suddenly need that chile fix, head over to nuevo mexico. there were no hours posted on the cart but i believe it is only open during the day. oooh, i wish he would open one over on hawthorne one day. i'll cross my fingers!

little lulu's yard sale

hi everyone, i just wanted to let you all know that this sunday, july 12th is the annual mulberry court yard sale. it will run from 9 to 3 and it is just one block south of hawthorne on 12th avenue.

this year's yard sale is important to me because i will be working towards earning money for little lulu's medical condition. lulu is only a year and a half old but she has lost most of her vision due to juvenile cataracts. i have an appointment on monday with a specialist when i will see if she is a candidate for cataract surgery.

i found lulu on the website one day on a whim when i typed in "puppies". little did i know that i would meet my destiny as a doggie momma that day. lulu was purchased by her former family to be a breeding dog but when they discovered her eye issue, they put her up for adoption. i was the lucky girl to adopt her. she has been such a gift to my life and i'm so happy i found her.

i knew her eyes would be an issue but it has progressed much faster than i thought it would and now i need to address the problem as i can't bear the thought of her going completely blind at such a young age.

the proceeds from my portion of the yard sale will go to little lulu and i will also have some baked goods such as cupcakes to sell for donations.

so if you happen to be in the neighborhood, stop over, buy some good junk and say hi to lulu.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

viva la france

with the upcoming bastille day fetes taking place this weekend, i thought i would mention a few other frenchie events going on as well as a great little french restaurant for you to check out.

this saturday night at vinideus, french chanteuse sophie delmas will be performing. i'm not familiar with her music but i'm always looking to hear new music so i thought i would go check her out. vinideus 4759 ne fremont

saturday july 11th, 7-9 pm

another event taking place this weekend is the showing of the agnes varda film "cleo from five to seven".

agnes varda is an early member of the french new wave and worked with the likes of catherine deneuve, jane birkin, jean-luc godard and michel piccoli to name a few.

the film shows at whitsell auditorium at the portland art museum 1219 sw park 503.226.2811.

friday july 10th, 7 pm

saturday july 11th, 7 pm

chez joly is a french restaurant that opened about a year and a half ago. their menu offers up many of the french classics and boasts a great wine list as well. look for the restaurant in the upcoming season of leverage that is being filmed around town.
135 nw broadway 503.200.5544

the cute deux chevaux that is often in front of chez joly

bon weekend!