Friday, July 3, 2009

love lab

lucky lab brew pub

portlanders are crazy about their dogs. you will see people attempt to take their pooches with them everywhere they can possibly get away with it. most businesses are dog friendly but you don't always know this until you attempt to smuggle your dog in. most boutiques are friendly, most grocery stores, not so much (if you know of one that likes dogs, let me know). there is, however, a group of restaurants every dog owner knows about that have dedicated their livelyhood to our four-legged friends and that is the lucky lab.

a few months ago, i was not a huge fan of this establishment as a visit there usually meant dogs, kids, and way too laid back parents. that is until i became a doggie momma myself. now it's all about where i can go and take little lulu with me. the lucky lab has become a regular stopping off point while on our walks on a hot afternoon. there is nothing like a pint of reggie's red out on the patio with all of the other portland beer hounds. and you know what, it's not so bad after all! the kids play together, the dogs share snacks or sleep under the long picnic tables and portlanders get to do what we are know for, relaxing and drinking great house made beers. there are 3 locations in portland but i'm sure you know where to find hawthorne girl and lulu. (photo by artnchicken)
915 se hawthorne
7675 sw capitol highway
1945 nw quimby

this reminds me that a few years back, i was asked to help select clothes for morgan freeman for a movie that he was filming here in portland called "the feast of love". i don't think many people saw the film as it had a very short run in the theaters but i really liked it. if you check it out, you will see my very own neighborhood lucky lab in the scenes after the softball game. and don't forget to check out Morgan's stylish wool shirts!

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