Monday, June 29, 2009

bastille my heart

pix patisserie on north williams

i know i should be gearing up for one of the most american holidays of them all, july 4th, but when july rolls around every year, my heart is in france. july is the month portland francophiles go all out to celebrate the conclusion of the french revolution--bastille day.

if you have never celebrated bastille day in portland, mark you calendars for july 11th and head to one of the following events. you will not be disappointed because one thing is certain, portlanders love a party and the bastille day celebrations are one of the best summertime parties here in portland.

the alliance francais sponsors the bastille day celebration in the pearl district at jamison square saturday, the 11th from 12 to 8 pm. this is the sight of the ever popular waiter's race where you can see local waiters race through an obstacle course while carrying trays of drinks (i have my boyfriend in training for this running around the yard chasing me with my drink on a tray). it is always an entertaining event and it begins at 2:00 pm in jamison square. for more information, go to this is the alliance's website which has a calendar of french based events going on around portland. the alliance has a wonderful newsletter that you can subscribe to so if you are interested in other events like this throughout the summer, this is a great resource.

of course my favorite bastille day celebration is the more eclectic gathering over on north mississippi. throughout the day you will find music, street performers, food, shopping and of course the eating of frenchie sweets provided by pix patisserie. pix will be on hand for the neighborhood festival over on north failing and mississippi.

pix is one of my all time favorite portland entities as i'm sure it's many of yours as well. when it comes to choosing one of their two locations, i can never decide. they are both unique in their own way but still quintessential french. lately i have been found at the north williams location but i still love their original home on se division. if you have never experienced pix, drop what you are doing right now and run get a shazam!

3402 se division 503.232.4407
3901 north williams 503.282.6539
so this bastille day go and conquer the streets of porland and most definitely, eat cake.

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