Saturday, June 27, 2009

music and the moon


carmina piranha (now luna)

i haven't been to berbati's pan for a while but i caught a really great show there last night, the french singer/songwriter, tete. tete is a paris musician who has been referred to as the jeff buckley of france (however, still with us). he got his start playing music in cafes and busking on the streets of paris and is now hailed as one of france's best songwriters. you can catch him under the moon tonight at edgefield playing with eric john kaiser starting at 7:00pm. it's a free show and a beautiful day today so if you are looking for something to do this evening, pack some cheese and wine and head out to edgefield for a wonderful night of french music.

if you are in the mood to stick closer to home, head over the the press club at se 26th and clinton to hear carmina luna. carmina luna is made up of members of the now defunct carmina piranha, a portland band that was popular in the mid 90s. carmina luna does not play many shows these days as most of the members are busy playing with their other bands (including lara michell of the stolen sweets) so i highly recommend checking them out tonight. that's where you will find me. it is a free all ages show beginning at 8:30. (carmina image from cd baby)

and happy saturday to you all!

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