Monday, June 22, 2009

melody monday

melody gardot

since music is clearly on my mind today, i thought i would share with you an artist i have recently discovered. her name is melody gardot and she is a beautiful jazz musician out of philadelphia. her latest album is called "my one and only thrill." when melody was 19, she was struck by a car while riding her bike (something close to home for us portlanders). she discovered music therapy while recovering from the accident and soon put out her first album.

melody lists her influences as janis joplin and miles davis to name a few but i would compare her to madeleine peyroux and billie holiday.

when i first heard her, i rushed out to my favorite music store (music millenium 3158 se burnside 503.231.8926 and bought her latest album. i'm still a little old-fashioned and like to have a cd in my hands but if you would like to check her out first, starbucks is currently giving away icards with a sample of her latest cd.

(image from detender wordpress)

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  1. Can I tell you I LOVE THIS CD!!!! It has shared "constant" rotation status in my player for the past couple of weeks with Ms. Neko. This is a great recommendation!!!