Thursday, June 25, 2009

apartment living

so something that i would like to fit into this blog is interior design which is a passion of mine. ten years ago i scrapped my career as a social worker and went back to school to study interior design. i worked as an interior designer for a few years until i found my niche of working in the home furnishings retail environment. i really enjoy what i do but i would love to get back into interior design in the residential area.

like many portlanders, i still live in an apartment and have not yet made the leap into home ownership. i actually like renting as being somewhat of a bohemian, setting down roots that home ownership entails seems like too much of a commitment (even though i've lived in the same building for 7 years). so i stick to my little apartment decorating and redecorating when the whim hits me.

as i was saying, i would like to find a place for interior design on my little blog and to start out, i would like to focus on apartment living since it is something close to me. if you have a great apartment or know someone else that does, leave me a comment and i will get in touch with you. i would like to feature photos of beautiful portland apartments of which i'm sure there are many.

here's a photo of my new tabletop. i bought the table base at a sample sale for $50 and wanted to put an old door or something on it but i couldn't find one the right size. a few weeks ago, my boyfriend had some wood delivered to his house that i thought would be perfect for a farm table so he made me this tabletop. my dining room is a little cozy now so i plan on changing out the chairs for benches but this makes me happy for now. i love my new tabletop, thank you lorenzo!


  1. don't forget to add
    as one of your favorite design blogs I LOVE IT.

  2. thanks for the suggestion Brooke. I'll check it out!