Friday, June 19, 2009

my own private portland part two

10th street entrance to the governor

clyde's menu

entrance to clyde's

the ace hotel portland

so after posting yesterday, i thought that it would be interesting to hear what movies have made a major impression in your lives the way my own private idaho did for me. did you ever see a movie that made you decide to do something drastic like i did? i'd love to hear about it.

so, when i did finally make it up to portland back in '98, i spent my first night in a hotel located in the neighborhood referred to as "vaseline alley". in one of the last scenes in my own private idaho, keanu reeves walks into a restaurant named jake's famous crawfish. well this was right up the street from my hotel (which at the time was called the ben stark and then the clyde). this hotel has been featured in other gus van sant films, namely drugstore cowboy (interior shots). currently housed here is the chichi ace hotel and clyde common restaurant. both the hotel and the restaurant are very portland hip. my friends and i like to go to clyde common for the happy hour but you should definitely go for dinner sometime, too.

the ace hotel is located at 1022 sw stark 503.228.2277

clyde common is located at 1014 sw stark 503.228.3333

from the ace and clyde common, just head west on stark where jake's famous crawfish is still located at 401 sw 12th 503.226.1414

then head south to the governor hotel at 614 sw 11th to find the old hotel where river, keanu and friends gathered at when bob was in town. the 10th street entrance (which shows jake's grill) is the entrance featured in the movie.

if you get tired of walking, there is usually a radio cab close by (shown in ace hotel shot). or you can call them at 503.227.1212 (i have them on speed dial).

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