Friday, June 26, 2009

missing the movie house

the former movie house theater

the very first film i saw in portland was il postino at the movie house over on sw taylor. sadly, the movie house is no longer open as a theater. if you ever had the opportunity to see a film at the movie house i'm sure you will understand why i wax poetic about it. it was such a beautiful theater and it really makes me sad that we don't get to enjoy it any longer.

sitting in the movie house, watching il postino was so magical. the theater in the movie actually looked like the movie house and i understood at that time that i would remember that experience for the rest of my life. a few years later, i was lucky enough to watch the re-release of my all time favorite movie, le grand bleu (the big blue). and shortly after this, the movie house closed.

i think i want to start a movement to bring the movie house back. isn't it just so cute? it even looks like a little italian cinema...sigh.

if you haven't seen il postino or the big blue, check them out. two classics in my opinion.


  1. I miss seeing movies at The Movie House too--we have so many great theaters in Portland but this one is close to my heart. I saw Like Water For Chocolate there on my 18th birthday.

    In recent times they've had some interesting live theater there. I saw a really terrific Judaic puppet show once.

  2. Oh, I love Like Water for Chocolate. I really wish they would show movies here again!