Tuesday, June 23, 2009

heartisan pizza

ken's artisan pizza (margherita with arugula)

lorenzo's heartisan pizza

if there is one thing i heart almost as much as portland, it's got to be pizza. i can remember some of the first pizzas i ever ate--village inn pizza in first grade to buccaneer pizza in fifth grade. i remember the first piece of pizza i ate in florence, italy, it was mozzarella e melanzana (eggplant), like it was yesterday. i truly do heart pizza!

as far as pizza in portland goes, some of the best can be found at ken's artisan pizza. i first discovered their pizza when a friend took me to monday night pizza at the 21st avenue location. then, due to it's popularity, ken's opened a pizza place on se 28th avenue. both are equally excellent but the ken's on 28th is closed sunday and monday. thank goodness you can get the pizza monday nights on 21st because sometimes i just can't wait until tuesday.
ken's artisan bakery 326 nw 21st 503.248.2202
ken's artisan pizza 304 se 28th 503.517.9951

however, as much as i love ken's pizza, my very favorite place to eat pizza is in my boyfriend's kitchen. he can pile more toppings on a pizza than you can believe and the crust that he makes from scratch could very well be sold in the stores!

what is your favorite pizza place?


  1. Wow!
    I must say....
    Your boyfriends pizza looks absoultly scrumpdelicious!
    So many colors.
    So many flavors!
    Such a good time!

  2. his pizza is scrupmdelicious and so is he!