Thursday, September 22, 2011

my own private river

those of you who have been keeping up with my blog since my meager beginnings, may remember this post about my love of portland acquired through many, many viewings of my favorite film ever, my own private idaho.

while i had been to portland several times as a kid, i truly fell in love with our fair city while i was living in albuquerque after i saw the film my own private idaho at the funky little guild theater. it was at that time that i made it my goal in life to one day move here.

after moving here, i have visited and experienced so many places from the film and even have the luck to run into gus and scott green in the neighborhood once in a while. (ok, i still don't know where the chinese restaurant is that they all hung out in the film so if anyone out there knows where it is, i would looooove to know.)

when the film milk was released, i was lucky enough (for once) to win tickets to its premier at the schnitz where both gus and james franco talked about the film. i have been a huge fan of franco's since then because he just seems like a genuinely cool guy. and well, gus...enough said, i will love and adore his shy quirkiness for eva!

so imagine my excitement when i saw advertised in the willamette week that gus and franco will be at the hollywood theater this sunday showing franco's collection of out takes of river from my own private idaho that have been put together in a short film. oh you know i will be there. to see the young and beautiful river in never before seen footage is just about it for me.

the bonus for attending this showing is that the proceeds go to help the renovation of the hollywood theater which is one of the most beautiful theaters in town.

so if you are a portland film buff at all, a fan of gus's films, a fan of franco's, or the much missed phoenix (RIP), i expect to see you there!

the screenings take place at 12 and 12:30 this sunday the 25th and the cost is $35.00per person.

hollywood theater
4122 ne sandy blvd