Friday, July 10, 2009

i heart the cart

nuevo mexico on the corner of sw 3rd and stark

food carts on sw 5th between oak and pine

although i've been thinking a lot in french lately due to tomorrow's bastille day fete here in portland, for lunch, today, i was in the mood to head over to nuevo mexico.

nuevo mexico is one of the many food carts (or "pods" as locals refer to them)lining the streets of portland. being as though i grew up in new mexico, sometimes i desperately need my green chile fix. nuevo mexico serves up delicious traditional new mexican street food such as burritos and stuffed sopapillas and uses the finest of green chile, hatch green chile. hatch is to chile what napa is to wine. in my opinion there is no other green chile. once you've had hatch, all others pale in comparison. anyway, i digress...nuevo mexico is owned by the former drummer for the shins, who also grew up in new mexico.

i ordered the ground beef, beans and green chile sopapilla with a mexican coke. it was so good i couldn't wait to eat it, half way through i remembered that i wanted to take a picture of my beautiful lunch but i decided at that point, it may be in poor taste to do so. next time i'll try to remember before i dive in.

so if you suddenly need that chile fix, head over to nuevo mexico. there were no hours posted on the cart but i believe it is only open during the day. oooh, i wish he would open one over on hawthorne one day. i'll cross my fingers!

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