Tuesday, July 28, 2009

portland is burning

in my post called ladd walk, i mentioned a little restaurant called palio. well, i thought that it would be appropriate to mention it again today because they have the most fabulous ice cream sandwich i have ever had, in my life, ever! i can't emphasize this enough.

yesterday my friend and i were looking for some ice cream in my neighborhood and we ran into another friend of mine and told her what we were looking for. she said to head over to palio because their ice cream sandwiches were "dope". knowing that my friend does not throw the word "dope" around lightly, i knew they must be good so we walked over to get one and trust me, she was right. i need to get better about this blogging thing because i did not have my camera with me and they definitely merit a photo but this way it will be a surprise when you see it.

so run, don't walk to palio to get one of their ice cream sandwiches. it's a rare occassion in portland that we get this kind of heat wave so go celebrate with an ice cream sandwich. and ash, you were right, they are dope! palio is located in the center of ladd's addition.

bisou, bisou!

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