Thursday, July 23, 2009

pearl walk two

so yesterday during lunch i decided to go for a walk through the neighborhood and here are a few places that i wanted to tell you about.

cupcake jones
i mean really, doesn't a cupcake make it all better? i decided that since it was wednesday, we should have some cupcakes so i bought a dozen of the minis to share with my coworkers. yummy! my favorite is the red velvet of course. they even put a sugar-coated rose petal on top. but to be honest, i'll take any flavor of cupcake. what's your favorite?

for some reason, everytime i pass by here, i think of samantha jones from sex in the city and thinks it's cute they named a cupcake shop after her. i doubt that's really the case but you never know.
307 nw 10th avenue 503.222.4404

the colorful case. which one should i choose?

one of the stylish portland streetcars. oh we're so cool and euro. if you take the streetcar in the downtown area, it's free.

i needed to pop into oblation papers and press to pick up some cards. i love this store, i buy a lot of my holiday gifts here. they are also a letterpress so if you ever need any cards or invitations printed, they do a beautiful job.
516 nw 12th avenue 503.223.1093

the next stop was to see my friend over at french quarter linens. just stepping into this store makes me feel relaxed. oh how i would love to have my bed fitted entirely in their linens. besides wonderful linens, they also have beautiful home accessories and gift items.
1313 nw glisan 503.282.8200

don't you just want to hop right in? i could never work here. i would be a total freak if anyone ever messed up the perfectly made up beds.

across the street from french quarter is one of my favorite restaurants, andina. it's specialty is peruvian cuisine and it is soooo good. it is also a lovely restaurant and has live music on the weekends to make for a nice dining experience. if you can, i highly recommend sneaking downstairs to check out their banquet room. i would love to have this room in my house. it's gorgeous!
1314 nw glisan 503.228.9535

sorry about these last two photos, my poor little camera doesn't do so well on these really sunny days. it is a portland camera after all!

cha cha cha taqueria is a local chain here that serves really delicious and huge burritos. my favorite is the chile relleno burrito but you really can't go wrong with anything here.

this location in the pearl is regularly frequented by my man gus van sant (shhh it's a secret) and the actor scott patrick green. i'm such a dork if i see them and get all nervous, they are my portland heroes, you know. gus is known for being extremely shy so i would never approach him in this setting but inside i'm dying to give him a big hug!
1208 nw glisan 503.221.2111

so there's my latest little neighborhood walk. i'll be back with more because there are so many great places over here that i can't possibly list all my favorites in one post.

until next time bisou, bisou!


  1. CHA CHA CHA = NO NO NO!!!!!!!

  2. I will get to the Mexican restaurant of which you speak later. Thank you very much for your passionate comment. I am simply listing things that I enjoy, I am very sorry if I offended your heritage.