Monday, July 6, 2009

cinema cafe

mother's velvet lounge

red and black cafe

red and black cafe

i hope you all had a happy july 4th. i apologize for the lack of posts but i was computer challenged last week so i hope to make it up to you this week.

two weeks ago, there was a great article in the willamette week written by alex peterson that listed cafes around town that show films on a regular basis. as i very much enjoy cafes and films, i thought i would pass on the key points of his article in case you didn't see it. the article was called cafe du cinema (june 24th).

i don't know what it is about us here in portland but we are a very spoiled bunch when it comes to drinking, dining and watching films so what better than to combine all three in your favorite neighborhood cafe.

here is a list of some of my favorite cafes that are now showing films.

mother's velvet lounge 212 sw stark 503.464.1122
they show films every first wednesday at 7:30 pm and even have a film expert on had for discussions. (photo thomas hawk)

vinideus 4759 ne fremont 503.284.2795
showing films every first and third wednesday at 7:30 pm and they arrange the seats accordingly for easy viewing.

red and black cafe 400 se 12th 503.231.3899
films shown every tuesday and third thursday specializing in anti-imperialist films with a discussion held following the film. (photo vjpdx)

the press club 2621 se clinton 503.233.5656
showing every sunday night. they have a top-of-the-line projector and great atmosphere.

so head over to your favorite cafe and sip some wine, eat a great meal and see a film. i'll be over at the press club!

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