Tuesday, July 28, 2009

alejandro escovedo's soul

alejandro escovedo

aladdin theater

this thursday night july 30th, a wonderful musician by the name of alejandro escovedo is playing at the aladdin theater.

my friend and i discovered alejandro about 15 years ago when he played in a bar in albuquerque. after our first experience at his show, we followed him around the southwest including a few visits to his then hometown of austin all the way up to portland. he's just a great guy and an amazing musician (and a cutie, don't you think?). his music runs from dark and soulful to seriously rockin'. my favorite is his kick-ass rendition of iggy pop's "i wanna be your dog".

alejandro comes from a long line of musician's including his brother pete escovedo who plays with santana and whom at one time made up the san francisco punk band the "true believers" with alejandro, to his niece sheila escovedo more commonly known as sheila e. he is also a friend and peer of the great willie nelson. he is the father of seven children and now lives in san antonio, texas.

so if you're looking for a great show, check him out at the aladdin theater.
3017 se milwaukie 503.234.9694


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