Sunday, July 19, 2009

i heart my camera!

bande a part

nouvelle vague


the chocolate war

i'm very disappointed today because i can't find my trusty little camera (or phone). i hadn't realized how much my camera has become an extension of me since i began my blog. it's such a beautiful day that i would love nothing more than to shoot some photos around town to share with you but until the little thing is located, i will have to rely on the internet.

the other day at work when i should have been productive i decided instead to do some music shopping. and while most of the time i go to music millenium for my cds, i couldn't leave work so i had to rely on amazon. i had been wanting to buy a nouvelle vague cd but i'm not totally familiar with their music and i wasn't sure which one to buy. i decided to buy the album "bande a part" since it's named after one of my all time favorite french movies.

i received the album at home and immediately put it on to listen to it. it turns out that it is an album of various different cover songs. while i don't mind a cover song here and there, i'm usually not too keen on listening to an entire album of covers but i was cleaning up so i just let it go. after a few songs, they went into the cover of yaz's "don't go" (which by the way is a very cool version). listening to this song brought back so many memories of my college years when we listened to bands like erasure, yaz, and new order. i have such fond memories of this time with my friends and being away from home for the first time. i remember two of my friends made up a song for their answering machine greeting to an erasure song and i can still remember it word for word.

so after i started thinking about yaz, naturally that reminded me of "the chocolate war" and what a great movie that was.

isn't it funny how one song can trigger so many memories?

so until i can track down my camera, here are some suggestions for some music and films for you to check out and i promise, i'll get more fabulous portland pics up soon.

happy sunday!


  1. oh my gosh, I remember the Erasure message, that was so great!! Good times, good memories!


  2. I totally knew you would!
    Great times jumping on the beds in the Virgin Vault!

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  4. love me some band of outsiders, the movie and the clothing line!

  5. oooh, i totally forgot about the clothing line. very cool, too. thanks for the reminder!