Wednesday, July 15, 2009

cow pie or pied cow?

the pied cow

so after enjoying dinner at biwa sunday evening, lorenzo suggested we head some place else for dessert, which we all thought sounded like a great idea. we tossed out a few ideas that sounded ok but then lorenzo mentioned the pied cow. we all shouted a unanimous "yes"! the pied cow has been around as long as i've been in portland but with all of the new fabulous up-and-coming establishments, sometimes the great old ones are forgotten.

so we all headed up belmont on this chilly evening to have dessert at the pied cow. the pied cow reminds me of a place i would own if i lived in a little town somewhere that i could be the most eccentric woman around. i would wear black turtlenecks with long straight hair covered in fabulous pucci scarves and serve wonderful desserts that i made in the kitchen of the apartment i lived in upstairs.

the pied cow is warm and dark and lit only by the flickering candlelight on the tables. it has quite an extensive menu but i must admit, i have never eaten anything there other than dessert. they are also know for their beautiful outdoor garden where you can smoke a hookah after your dinner as well as serving a drink called kava. kava is a polynesian beverage that is consumed in order to relax without disrupting mental clarity.

i was still quite full after our large dinner but my tablemates ordered desserts as well as some kava to share. i opted for my usual glass of red wine and for a bite of their desserts. the kava arrived to the table in a big punch bowl with three cups. each person is to dip a cup in the bowl and to serve each other. to my surprise, unlike tea, kava is served the temperature of tap water and it has the "tea" just floating in the water unstrained. i decided to try a bit and decided that it tasted like tapwater with twigs and while it may relax you without altering clarity, i will stick with my relaxing red wine that thankfully alters my clarity!

for dessert, we shared a banana split and a caramel sundae. both were delicious and reminded me of being a little girl with a good old-fashioned ice cream.

so don't forget the wonderful old portland establishments with each new "it" place that opens up. head to the pied cow one evening soon. it is housed in a beautful victorian painted lady and i've been told by a former resident who lived upstairs that it is quite haunted. oooh...

3244 se belmont 503.230.4866

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