Friday, March 26, 2010

murder in portland

i've been so busy this week that i completely forgot to tell you about a book signing that i am going to tonight at the alliance francaise portland.

cara black is the author of the aimee leduc murder mystery series that is set in paris. aimee is a private investigator who focuses on computer security but seems to always find herself in the middle of solving a murder case. each book's case is based in one of paris' quarters.

the stories can sometimes get a little far-fetched but aimee is an entertaining heroine who has the horrible luck of getting involved in situations she perhaps should avoid. she also has a weakness for bad boys, wine and couture. her graphic tours around the paris neighborhoods makes you feel as if you were right there with her.

unfortunately, tonight's event is sold out but i encourage you to get on the alliance francaise email list if you are at all a portland francophile like myself. they will notify you of upcoming events which range from readings to films to wine tastings.

cara's books can be purchased at the fabulous murder by the book over on hawthorne.

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