Tuesday, June 8, 2010

save the dolphins

perhaps it's because my second all time favorite movie (after my own private idaho) is the big blue, i've been obsessed with dolphins and their capacity to communicate with the human race. so i was shocked by the fact that they are mass killed every year in japan.

i don't know if you all have seen the cove yet, but i highly recommend seeing it if you haven't. and for you locals, there is a benefit to end the slaughter of dolphins going on this thursday the 10th at the someday lounge starting at 6pm.

lorenzo and i are planning on checking it out. i'm not sure if they are going to screen the oscar winning film on thursday but you can find it on netflix. i just want to know what we can do to keep this fight alive and end this horrible killing of the dolphins.

the someday lounge is at 125 nw 5th ave 503.248.1030


  1. How did you all like it? I had such a hard time watching this movie...

  2. we had seen the movie but wanted to hear the speaker. it's horrible, i can't believe they do this. it need to become illegal!