Friday, February 19, 2010


right next door to radish underground is one of the best european markets in portland called martinotti's.

i discovered martinotti's my first weekend in portland when i was staying at the infamous ben stark hotel (now the hipster ace hotel). it's a great little italian market in the heart of downtown just a few blocks from powell's books. it has an espresso bar, cafe and italian market and deli. it's a great place to find many of those items from your trip to italy that you loved so much. and they have an amazing deli counter. my only complaint is they don't have those weird nescafe instant cappuccinos. did you ever see those when you were in italy? you pour it in a cup with hot water and it foams up like a real cappuccino. i don't even want to know what it is that causes the foamyness but i loved those things, i even brought a few packs home. oh please, martinotti's get me some of these!

they are celebrating 32 years of business in downtown portland.

just look at this beautiful meat counter.

martinotti's is at 404 sw 10th 503.224.9028

and i apologize in advance but i have a big project at work next week so posts may be slim. i do have some other great european markets i've recently discovered that i want to tell you about so i'll try to get these up asap. in the meantime, have a great weekend and enjoy our rare dose of february sun.

tanti baci!

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  1. I love the photo of the meat counter.
    It reminds me of the shops my grandfather use to take me to when I was a child in the North of Italy.