Monday, February 1, 2010

pick pok

last night lorenzo and i decided to go out to dinner and i wanted to take him someplace i thought he would really like. he loves to experiment with food and loves asian based foods so i thought we'd go to the restaurant pok pok because he has never been there. i've only been there once before so it was a treat for me as well, since i have a habit of going to the same places over and over.

what i remember from the last time i dined there was the fact that most of their plates were grilled, as they do at ping. this time, however, this did not seem to be the case as i noticed many more options on the menu.

there were quite a few diners braving the cold weather outside under the colorful lights. i'm kind of a wimp, though, and prefer to dine inside.

i do however, love the way they have the patio lit up.

inside the restaurant was warm and cozy. we sat at the bar which i always enjoy and we had really great service from the bartender.

we enjoyed a beer as we waited for our dinner. for dinner, we had the pok pok green papaya salad and had them cut the spice down a little as we knew our entree was going to be very spicy. for our entrees we ordered the boar collar meat rubbed with garlic and with a chili-lime sauce. this was good but very, very spicy. lorenzo was sweating and should be cured of anything that could potentially be coming on for the rest of the winter. we also ordered some curry noodle soup served with grilled chicken and crispy yellow noodles. this was my favorite dish of all. i can't wait to back and try this one again but we both decided we needed our own bowl instead of sharing it, it was that good.

i usually try to take pictures of our dinner but this time we dug right in before i remembered. that's how excited we were.

pok pok was the perfect place for a cool winter's night meal and spicy enough to really warm us up.

3226 se division 503.232.1387

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