Thursday, May 13, 2010

shop vintage portland

as i mentioned over here on my other blog, i'm trying to get more into vintage shopping. i think my mother tortured me as a kid by dragging me to so many flea markets and thrift stores that i vowed i would never shop in a thrift store again. well i do and i will, hopefully even more.

working in the retail industry, i see so much of the same thing out there over and over again. if you want something truly unique, vintage is the way to go.

yesterday i was on line looking for vintage stores and i found this terrific blog called shop vintage portland. this is just want i need, someone to tell me exactly where to go. they list all of the vintage shops in town and have a section for the new vintage stores that are always popping up.

if you enjoy thrifting and vintage shopping in portland, i highly recommend this website to help you navigate your excursions.

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