Wednesday, May 5, 2010

what's in a name?

you all know that i'm fond of a guy named lorenzo. i happen to also love a restaurant named lorenzo's. now if i could only get them together at one time i would be in heaven! (that would be the guy lorenzo in the restaurant lorenzo's).

lorenzo's is this quaint italian restaurant over in my second favorite pdx hood, mississippi. any time i'm over in the neighborhood for lunch, i drag whomever i'm with in for lunch. they have the best lunch specials where you can try a sampling of the dinner menu for a fraction of the dinner menu's cost.

lorenzo's specializes in fresh made pasta, local hormone free meat and local organic ingredients whenever possible. the rustic raviolo is to die for. it's a giant home made raviolo with a special daily filling. the last time i had it the day's filling was roasted asparagus and a tomato/cream sauce. yum!

they also have one of the best caesar salads i've had in a long time. i do consider myself a caesar aficionado and i rarely come across many good ones these days. most restaurants offer the same watered down version with not nearly enough garlic for my liking. lorenzo's caesar is his own version made with arugula and fennel. two ingredients i fell in love with when staying in italy. and while it still is not garlicky enough for me, it's really damn good.

and i'm not sure why but i don't have any shots of the dining room other than this one of the cute little lounge area. the rest of the restaurant is just as comfy.

so if you haven't tried lorenzo's yet, head over for your own little taste of florence right here in portland. great, now i'm hungry!

lorenzo's is at 3807 n mississippi 503.284.6200

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