Friday, April 30, 2010

abby's table

a few times last month i took a different route home from work because there has been so much construction going on over on mlk and i've been curious about this community kitchen that i just noticed. it's at 609 se ankeny just down the street from the j&m cafe.

well then last week a friend invited me to her birthday dinner and guess where it was? yes, right there at the same community kitchen.

the space that abby's table is located in is shared by at least three other businesses and she runs her vegetarian/gluten free kitchen and dining room there on wednesday and saturday nights.

i had no idea what to expect but was so excited to try something new. i was told that the dinner would be $18 per person and that it was byob. well that sounds pretty good to me so i grabbed some cash and a bottle of wine before heading over to dinner.

the interior of the space is very simple, clean and open but still really warm and cozy. there were 25 of us so we were set up at two tables due to space but it would have been great to be at one long table. however, they were so laid back that they did not mind at all the fact that we were constantly getting up and moving around so as to mingle better.

before the dinner service began, they brought us a wine key so we could start opening our bottles and let us just go over and grab our own glasses. this is ideal for a large group because then there is no waiting around for drinks. it really felt like you were at a catered house party because they were just so relaxed and easy going, yet communicated with us how to go about getting what we needed.

the dinner was a five course meal and we started with these beautiful roasted vegetables. abby is know for her dips and sauces that she sells at the farmers market and around town and this pesto dip with the veggies was delicious.

after the veggies, we were served a spinach salad, ravioli, the entree of dover sole and portobello mushroom and then a deliciously sweet cake for dessert. my favorites were the veggies and the portobello mushroom.

at the end of our meal, you just stuff your cash in the jars on the table and abby splits it with the all volunteer help in the kitchen.

when it comes down to it, i still love my bread and cheese but the atmosphere was so fun and it was such a unique dining experience that i would definitely go here again. especially with a large group, it's perfect for that.

reservations are required because it is such a small space and you can reserve on line on her website.

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