Friday, April 16, 2010

charlotte rocks pdx

i caught the charlotte gainsbourg show at the wonder ballroom last night and i must say it was amazing.

charlotte entered the stage shy and nervous and by the end was comfortable and rockin. she performed most of the songs off of her new album irm as well as a few off of 5:55. i really love 5:55 so i was so happy she threw in a few of those tunes as well. she said this is her first tour and thus the first opportunity she has had to perform any of 5:55 live. i was glad i was there to see it.

throughout the show, charlotte played percussion and keyboards which mixed it up a little. (sorry for the bad iphone pics)

i have always loved her casual sense of style and last night's attire did not disappoint. she wore her signature tank top and designer skinny biker jeans as well as her trademark cowboy boots. and i must add the she is even more beautiful in person than she appears on film and is very gracious as well.

the highlight of the evening is when she "dared" (her words) to perform her father's song melody nelson. she did a great job with her band (which is also part of beck's band) backing her. she definitely has her father's musical chops. she also sang a beautiful version of bob dylan's just like a woman.

the wonder ballroom was full but not packed so we were able to get up close and personal. all in all, it was a great night and i'm glad i was there for her historical first tour.

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