Thursday, April 8, 2010

go seth aaron!

when it comes to indie fashion design, portland seriously rocks. our own leanne marshall has already won project runway a few seasons back and now seth aaron in in the final mix. i have not been able to keep up with much of this season but i can't wait to watch tonight's episode and see what happens with seth aaron.

after winning, leanne moved to the big apple. do you think designers have to make that move to truly make it big? portland does have it's share of great local designers who have been able to stick it out for years and stay in this city but they are still somewhat small. i would love it if the winner of project runway could stay in their hometown and make a name for themself.

let's really put portland on the fashion map. good luck seth aaron!


  1. I thought Seth Aaron was from Canada?

  2. nope he lives in vancouver, washington! he's very cool and has been doing all sorts of appearances around town. i have a good feeling that he won. fingers crossed!

    btw, our friend jacks lives in the abq high space.

  3. I thought it was Jack. How is she?