Monday, December 21, 2009

hhhappy holidays!

holiday decorating has always been a challenge for me. when i was in college, i never decorated because i would head to my parents house right after finals so there was really no need. then after school, i worked in the restaurant business and i would often work insane hours up until christmas and then i would leave the day after to my parents, so again, no need to decorate. now i work in retail where you begin your christmas buys...IN JANUARY. by the time christmas rolls around again, i've been knee deep in glitter for quite some time i feel so over it. however, i love christmas and decorating so it's a little disappointing that i don't have more energy to put into it. i have made the point to get something up the past few years but this year, with our long road trip a few weeks ago, it has been a little bit of a challenge.

while we were on our trip, i saw so many cool tumbleweeds that i thought would make the perfect christmas tree but i didn't even suggest we put one in the car because i was already past my maximum luggage check and i had a feeling my partners in travel would throw me out if i tried to fit one more thing in the car.

so i've had in my head that i want to decorate a twig--but yet have not had the opportunity to go out in search of said twig. well, tonight i gave in and brought one of the little trees we pulled off the floor of the store today home and i was going to attempt to decorate it tonight.

but then i found this picture on-line and it's exactly what i envision and now i'm afraid the little tree won't do. is it inappropriate to put something like this up and then leave it for a while? how long is too long to have ornaments out? i mean my mom used to keep the nativity up through easter so i figure a few months of a decorated twig isn't so bad, right?


  1. Hi honey, wow, I really missed you during your Thanksgiving-road-trip hiatus. I am so glad to have you back. I decorated a twig too this year, much like that photo... I did although cover it in glitter, which is now all over my house, much to the chagrin of the live in boyfriend. Cest la vie, tis the season. I LOVE decorating for the holidays can't seem to get enough of it and can't seem to settle on just one tree. Well my sweets, I hope you have a Merry Holiday season. I am sending something to Ms. LuLu in the next few weeks (I had intended on Christmas delivery... but didn't make the deadline). Love you, brooke. PS... Notice I now have a blog. Inspired, of course by my Portland muse. Haven't written a thing, but inspired none-the-less.

  2. yea brooke! i'm so happy you are going to blog...i tell you once you start you can't stop. i think you will be a great blogger and i look forward to seeing what ya got. yes, i'm so sorry i missed you but i'll be down again soon. i have many things for you that i still need to ship including your thank you gift that is still sitting on my table. lulu says hi and thank you for thinking of her. she can't wait to give you lots and lots of wet kisses when you come see us. lots of love and happy holidays!