Friday, December 18, 2009

social climber

tomorrow night is going to be a great night in portland. i have a holiday party to go to and then lorenzo, friends and i are heading over to mississippi studios for a great show.

and while this is mississippi records and not studios, i just love this shot and it's right down from the studios, which is a fabulous venue if you haven't caught a show there yet.
mississippi studios is at 3939 n. mississippi 503.753.4473

one of lorenzo's favorite local bands, climber, is playing. i haven't seen one of their shows yet so i'm really excited to see them. they have a huge portland following so it should be a lot of fun.

and then one of my favorite local bands, another cynthia, is having their cd release party.

i don't get out to see as many shows as i would like to any more but i always try to catch another cynthia when they are playing. they have great energy and sound and i really hope they do well so you know i'll be there in support of their new cd. you should check them out too!

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