Thursday, January 21, 2010

accanto e buono

in italian accanto means "next to" and that is exactly what the charming cafe accanto is in relation to the very well-known restaurant, genoa.

as i mentioned last week, i had the opportunity to tour the newly re-opened genoa. it has been beautifully redecorated and now does'nt look quite so intimidating to go inside.

but my favorite is the cafe next door (where the space sat empty for 30 years) appropriately called accanto.

this is more my dining style!

the cozy corner entry next to genoa.

the charming italian ceramic dinnerware and vino bianco.

the well-stocked bar.

i ordered my wine and then saw that they have a fabulous list of house cocktails of which i will be sampling on my next visit.

the atmosphere and service was really great and i can't wait to go back again. this neighborhood really needed a little wine bar. they have an amazing selection of wines and also small plates and entrees to choose from. my friend and i had a cheese and bread plate that served as dinner due to really large portions of cheese. oh this girl can't live on bread alone, she must have the cheese as well!

oh yeah, and on february 1st, accanto will begin having happy hour twice daily, from 3-5 pm and late night.

accanto is on the corner of se 28th and belmont.

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