Tuesday, January 12, 2010


hello portland, i'm happy to be home. today i ran all of my errands, cleaned the car and took lulu on a nice walk. whenever i get back from a trip, i like to reconnect with portland by getting out there and back into my old rhythm. oh, i'm happy to be home!

this morning, i picked up the mercury to see what shows are going to be in town and i'm stoked to see that jesse sykes will be playing tomorrow night at my favorite local music venue, mississippi studios.

jesse sykes

i've recently become introduced to her music and i really like her a lot. she reminds me of the music my mom would listen to when i was growing up like june carter and loretta lynn but with a darker, less polished side. and her looks remind me so much of the beautiful bobbie gentry.

since, i'm still getting settled in, i don't even know if i can make the show. i hope tickets are still available. i'm definitely going to try to make it out tomorrow night. oh portland, i've missed you and your wonderful places.

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