Monday, January 18, 2010

at the barre

let's get right to the point(e), a ballerina i am not. other than my short time in gymnastics preparing for my career as a trapeze artist, i chose to focus more on sports like soccer, track and tennis rather than ballet or gymnastics due to the fact that i have never considered myself to be all that graceful. this doesn't mean that i haven't always been fascinated with ballet, however.

there is a little ballet studio across the street from my house and on warm nights, i like to open my windows and i can hear them practicing to classical music. this is one of my absolute favorite things because it makes me feel like i am living in paris.

well, have you heard about the workout called barre3? it is a new workout system that combines yoga, pilates and ballet all in one. i know i can handle yoga and pilates and i figure it can't be all that much ballet in a 60 minute workout so i'm going to give this class a shot. i did hear, though, that it is an insane workout and that you will be unable to move the next day. while this doesn't sound all too appealing, i feel like i need something this serious to work my post birthday, christmas, new year, business trip body back into shape.

there are two barre3 locations in town:
one in the pearl at 1000 nw marshall 503.206.8308
and one in se at 2523 se 22nd 503.206.4453

you can purchase a beginner's trial of 3 classes for $30. i looked at the schedule and there is a class called barre3 rebound that sounds perfect for me. it has a maximum of 12 participants, it's set to classical music and each client receives individual help with posture and poses.

you never know, there may be a ballerina hiding inside of me just waiting to get out. swan lake, here i come!

(photos courtesy of kim weston)

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