Friday, January 29, 2010

the brasserie is back

i'm so happy the brasserie is back!

originally opened in 1978, the brasserie montmartre closed several years ago as the building underwent some major renovation. then i heard that everything inside had been auctioned off and although there was a sign on the front that said it would re-open, i feared it was gone.

well guess what? it's back and i couldn't be happier. when you need a taste of paris, the brasserie can pacify you until you are able to hop on air france and head over the atlantic.

oh i can't wait for les steak frites, and they have the best stuffed dates. oh my gosh, i'm so hungry!

i love, love love their giant mirror behind the bar. and the rest of the restaurant is beautiful but updated from the original decor, which i think is a good thing.

brasserie montmartre is still in it's original location at 626 sw park 503.236.3036

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