Tuesday, January 19, 2010

saks alive

i had to run down to pioneer place today and as i was walking back, i came across these fabulous windows at saks fifth avenue.

recently i have been wanting a feathered mask but i don't really need a feathered mask or have an occasion to wear one. then this thought immediately brought me to pnca's now defunct dada ball and that just made it worse because i loved the dada ball.

then i read the caption in the window, it says beaux-art ball february 6th portland art museum. well i really need to get out more because apparently the portland art museum has been hosting the beaux-art ball for two years, now going into it's third year. this year's theme is "come as you art" and it encourages its guests to "let their icons inspire their attire". the event includes a procession that winds through downtown art galleries, seattle's burlesque star, lily verlaine, gang of four's dave allen and new york band morningwood.

the beaux-art ball dates back to the 1600s in paris when students would celebrate the end of the school year by creating elaborate costumes and throwing a celebration.

now many organizations use this style of ball as fundraising, such as the portland art museum. tickets are available through the portland art museum.

oh, i'm so excited, i might just get that feathered mask yet!

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