Thursday, October 1, 2009

aqui para me

aqui mexican cafe's dining room

i'm going to get in so much trouble for this post from lorenzo but i have to tell you about another one of my favorite portland restaurants, aqui. i've been coming here for several years since it opened and i just love it. the decor is so cute and reminds me of home, the food is delicious and i always get really great service here.

my absolute favorite item on the menu is the chicken enchilada casserole, which you can see is enough for three meals. i love to make my own enchiladas and i always make mine in the layered casserole style but it is an all day affair. sometimes i just want to go have some enchiladas and these are definitely the next best thing to mine. yum!

their yummy chicken enchilada casserole

they also have this great little seating area in the back of the restaurant. when i used to live in a tiny little studio apartment, i would invite friends to aqui and try to sit in the back. it was my little living room down the street.

i also love their little bar made out of galvanized tin

try to get there before 6pm because they have a really great happy hour as well.

aqui is at 1408 se 12th ave. 503.230.9212

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  1. maybe in my next life when I'm (hopefully) not a waiter at a Mexican restaurant, I'll be more into trying different Mex. restaurants like the one above. L.L.