Monday, October 5, 2009

how noble of you

have you been to the new noble rot since it moved down burnside to the old rocket space? since noble rot is one of my favorite portland wine bars, i've been wanting to try it but just hadn't made it down yet so when my friends suggested we meet there for drinks on saturday, i was happy to check it out.

i forgot to take my camera with me so i found some images of the old space and the new space. i wish i had mine with me because i always feel bad when i have to use other people's photos. must remember camera!

this is the old noble rot that was over on se ankeny and 26th. i really loved how the front of the building opens up. and their loft style space was one of the first over in south east. now you see this on a much larger scale all over town but i still like this one because of the fact that it's not so large and obtrusive as many of the newer developments have become. photo courtesy of

here is an interior shot of their former space. i absolutely loved their wall color. it was this fabulous lipstick red. i kept meaning to ask what color they used because it was my favorite shade of red. i also really loved how dark and cozy it was in there.
photo courtesy of

here is their new space down the road on east burnside. they are up on the top floor and now have a larger balcony and a roof top garden.
photo courtesy of portland mercury

and here is their new interior. it's a little more contemporary and swankier than the old place but i was happy the noble rot's personality still stood out.
photo courtesy of

i really enjoyed my evening here. we had good company, wonderful food and really great service. as it was a saturday night, it was very busy and we ended up being a large group of nine people. we had a small space on the sofa to wait at in the meantime. the staff were very helpful and communicated to us how things were going and really tried to get us a table. by the time we were all there and settled in, the rest of the sofas opened up and we opted to just stay put.

we tasted several different wine flights and ate some snacks of meats and cheeses. they still serve my favorite salad, the noble salad. yum!

when it was time to leave, we were that horrible table that wanted to split our bill on several different cards. the server was so helpful and patient and said she couldn't believe how nice we all were about not letting someone get stuck paying more than their share. hey, i've been there! politeness goes a long way.

i must say, i still like the old noble rot better. i love more intimate spaces. but i understand that places need to grow and i think i could get used to the new one.

noble rot is now located at 1111 east burnside on the fourth floor. 503.233.1999

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