Wednesday, October 7, 2009

it's a trump

greater trumps cigar bar. this photo courtesy of mcmenamins

last night a friend called right as i was leaving work and said she wanted to get together for a few minutes and catch up. she was heading over to powell's books on hawthorne and i had limited time so i suggested we meet for a quick glass of wine at greater trumps.

when i first moved to portland, i lived in this really cute apartment down the street from greater trumps and i would often wander down to sit and read or write and have a glass of wine. i don't know if it's because i've read so much hemingway in my life but i feel like i can be most productive in little cafes. i've always been like this since my late nights studying in college and i still find myself frequenting places like greater trumps so i can get some work done. i often joke and call these little cafes my office.

i've always loved the interior of greater trumps because it's so intimate and cozy. i love how when it's nice out, they can open up the entire front of the cafe. that's so european! and when it's cold outside, the windows fog up and the tiny candles flicker and it takes me away to another place in time.

and i'm not complaining because i will still come here but the smoke can be a little annoying. i mean, even italy and france have gone smoke free in bars! i guess that's why they have so many windows to open. c'est la vie!

greater trumps is at 1520 se 37th 503.235.4530