Thursday, October 15, 2009

a summer in paris

i'm so sorry my posts have been few and far between this week. i'm having a hard time loading photos from my home computer and i try not to blog while at work. the last thing hawthorne girl needs is to be discovered blogging at my desk! i promise i'll get my mississippi shots up ASAP but in the meantime, i was wondering what your plans are for the weekend? of course i'll be hanging with my favorite guy, lorenzo, his daughter and our critters but i also hope to catch a few movies. this is what i'm thinking...

the movie, paris, starts showing tomorrow night at cinema 21. how cool is that going to be? an amazing theatre, paris, juliette binoche and romain duris, and, oh yeah, did i mention that cinema 21 now serves beer and wine? yes!

and i'm probably the last person on earth that still hasn't seen 500 days of summer. i hope it's still at the living room theater. i've been wanting to see this for so long but haven't made it out so hopefully, this will be happening.

what are your plans for the weekend?

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