Saturday, October 24, 2009

zombies in portland

the funniest thing happened today while i was at work. hundreds of zombies took over the streets of portland. as you can see, i remained safely in the store. i'm not going out there, no way!

it turns out that today is the annual portland zombie walk. i thought i had seen it all here in portland--protests, naked bike riders, day of the dead processions...

but this one really surprised me.

who are these people that dress up like zombies? i must say, some of their costumes were pretty darn creative.

there were even cute little kids but i couldn't get any good shots of them.

i also wish i could have gotten a shot of how many there were. i'm serious, there were hundreds coming from every direction!

i just want to know which one of them is going to come back and clean my windows?

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