Saturday, October 10, 2009

a few of my favorite places

hi everyone and happy saturday to you. i'm having a very relaxing day, drinking some coffee, checking out other blogs and hanging with my girl lulu.

i've been thinking about this little blog lately and what i can do to improve on it. i have some ideas but i'm always open to suggestions. let me know if you have any requests.

yesterday's post with my friend's photos has inspired me to get out there and take more pics around town so i hope to get out this weekend with my camera. it's a beautiful fall weekend so i would love to share it with you.

i'm also going to try to get out and get some photos of me up at some of my favorite places. i really hesitate to do this because i'm a little camera shy but i think it would be fun for you to get to know a little bit more about me and hopefully i can get to know you better. i didn't want to make this blog all about me but when i'm reading other people's blogs, i really enjoy seeing them--it makes me feel like i have friends all over the place and so i hope to incorporate a little more of that into this little blog.

but for now, i'm still at home in my jammies and you really don't want to see that. so here are a few of my favorite portland establishments.

frances may is this really cute little boutique over on sw washington. if you go in, say hi to my friend ashley. she is the cutest, sweetest thing ever and i don't get to see nearly enough of her!

frances may is located at 1013 sw washington on this great little strip of shops downtown. 503.227.3402

(both images courtesy of frances may)

then over by the mississippi neighborhood on williams is another great shop called ink and peat. it's a home accessories shop and flower studio and it is so cool. i love to go in here and always find something that i have to have.

(this image courtesy of sunset magazine)

ink and peat is at 3808 north williams 503.282.2700

(this image courtesy of apartment therapy)

and unfortunately, my next favorite, le train bleu, no longer has a storefront (so sad) but they do have a terrific web store. i used to love to go into their little shop but now i have to settle with keeping up with them on their blog. they always have wonderful designs, i love them all.

(this image courtesy of lucky)

beautiful le train bleu designs.

(this image courtesy of le train bleu)

and right next door to frances may is the beautiful boutique, narcisse. if i had my own shop, it would look something like narcisse. i just love going in there.

they carry the wonderful scandinavian line called noa noa. i think they are one of the only stores in the us that does and let me tell you, these clothes are beyootiful!

narcisse is at 1015 sw washington 503.224.2422

(both images courtesy of narcisse)

so there you have it. get out and go do some fall shopping and have a great weekend. hopefully my next post will have some new shots of portland.

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