Wednesday, October 21, 2009


hi everyone. i apologize for the lack of posts recently but i've been absolutely swamped at work and i'm beat when i get home. i really think i need to schedule my blogging time, as it's been the first thing to suffer lately. the good news is, though, that i've got a lot of really great things to write about as soon as i can sit down and get it done. but for tonight i'm so excited to tell you about one of my favorite friends and blogs.

i've been meaning to tell you about my favorite portland shopgirl, ashley over at frances may. ashley and i worked together at anthropologie. we both opened the store and she is the last remaining crew member from the original opening team. she still works there a few days a week and she also works over at frances may. can i just say that i heart ashley. she is one of the genuinely nicest, sweetest girls i have ever met.

so anyway, i've wanted to tell you all about her but for one reason or the other, i haven't had the chance. so imagine my surprise today when i got on one of my favorite portland fashion blogs, urban weeds and there she was. yay! how cool is that? so here she is for all of you to meet. go and visit her at either frances may or anthropologie and tell her hawthorne girl and lucie said hi.

and if you like, check out one of my favorite films, shopgirl. you know how i feel about my boy, jason schwartzman. love him! and steve martin and claire danes are great as well. this movie started out a little dark but i really loved the ending and how sweet jason and claire were as a couple--although i am still a little weirded out by jason's request for saran wrap...

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