Friday, November 6, 2009

back to life

ahhhh, i can happily say i have completed one of the busiest weeks i have had in a really long time. i managed to complete my store inventory, host a dia de los muertos dinner at home and furnish a penthouse 23 floors up. now i am relaxing at home with my girl lulu, my kitty willie, and enjoying my muertos leftovers.

the event last night at the indigo building was insane. thousands of people lined up in the rain hoping to get in. i think the condo turned out really great and i'm anxious to get pics up for you all to see, i'll try to get them together here in the next day or two. today, i'm taking the afternoon off doing two of my favorite things.

i'm catching up on my latest favorite blog, bohemian musings, i just love this girl isabelle. she is such a sweet, refreshing girl with such great insight.

then, i'm contemplating a movie and was thinking about this one...

new york i love you.

did you see je t'aime paris? this one is in the same style but about new york. i loved paris so i'm excited to see this one.

what are you all going to do this weekend? i'll be recovering!

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