Tuesday, November 17, 2009

bye bye blanca

with our upcoming road trip to the southwest, it's clear that it was time to say goodbye to blanca, my volvo. oh she was certainly there when i needed her but as these things happen, we had grown apart the last few months. i think it started the day the driver side window wouldn't roll down. i know, that's not the worst thing that could happen but i went over a year with my bmw without the window rolling down and you know what, i like it when i can roll down the window. who ever decided that power windows were all that great, anyway? oh yes, it's all fine and dandy until you can't get your burgerville pumpkin milkshake without looking like a total dummy! so that and that fact that it had started overheating recently, a good road trip car it would not make. so thank you blanca for a good year, i will miss you but i have to let you go.

so blanca has been replaced with a very responsible jetta stationwagon. i have had jettas in the past and i really like them and know all of their quirks so i went with the old stand by. is it glamorous? no. practical? yes. it will fit all of my needs and for that i am thankful. but help, what are we going to call her? i don't know if i can ride around in a car without a name.


  1. If it is a boy Ludwig
    If it is a girl Unna

    I am getting a boy vibe from your coche.

  2. a boy, really? i don't know that i've ever had a male car before. what does everyone else think? i do like the names, particularly unna.

  3. Have a safe and wonderful trip Hawthorne Girl.
    Portland will miss you.