Tuesday, November 17, 2009

a beaker and a flask

what more do you really need? well, i guess i don't really need a beaker, but a flask, that's a definite must.

my friends and i have been dying to stop by beaker and flask but since they have been named the willamette week restaurant of the year, it's been pretty packed. that's a great thing, though, as they definitely deserve it.

it's been here about a year now and getting rave reviews. i was happy to see my old friend doug behind the bar when i came in. he is a great bartender and has always been so sweet. with all of portland's attitude, it's so refreshing to go into a place where you don't have to deal with that. and kevin, the owner, makes it clear that he wants your experience to be a good one. YES! i think portland is experiencing a revival of new restaurants without the attitude.
(photo source the portlander)

it's a great new place in a funky location that otherwise would never have amounted to much. it reminds me of a used car showroom that has had a second chance in life. it's so nice to see an old building being utilized in such a way. the designers did a great job at turning this lofty space into an intimate setting.
(photo source annen design)

it's located at 727 se washington (the corner of washington and sandy)
reservations are recommended for dining.

and oh yes, you must try the grilled romaine salad. delish!

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