Monday, November 16, 2009

a rather blustery day

oh in the words of pooh, the wind is lashing lustily and the trees are thrashing thrustily and the leaves certainly are rustling gustily. yes, it's a rather blustery day!

it's barely 4:30 and it's already dark outside. and while it's not pouring down rain, i have a feeling that it's just a matter of time.

and as much as i would love to get out there and take photos of our blustery day, i was inspired by the photos of others, and they are so much better than mine would be anyway. besides, i don't want to get my hair all mussed.

so this is what it's like on a portland blustery day.

the streets turn to lakes.
(source about portland)

the raindrops fall sideways at cathedral park.
(source flickr manyfires)

the willamette river gives us an icy glare.
(source about portland)

and this is the grey of willapa bay.
technically not portland but still a beautiful photo of the northwest home of my favorite oysters.
(source seattle times)

i can't wait to get home and make a warm dinner and cuddle with little lulu who was very worked up this morning and i couldn't figure out why. she must have heard the far off rustling and bustling of leaves!

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