Tuesday, November 10, 2009

indigo part two

and here is the "after" of my indigo project. my theme was contemporary western. i wanted to do something different than you would normally see in such an urban setting. my company makes the blankets, bedding and some of the home accessories and i also had a lot of help from my good friend kathleen at design within reach with additional furniture as well as artwork contributed by my friend cecily over at quintana gallery. thank you both for all of your help, i could not have done this without you!

so let's check it out. (sorry for the quality of some of the photos, with our grey day, the light wasn't very good).

here is the entry. i chose the art work and rugs as the focal point and added the flowers (by city flowers) for that extra touch.

the living room with the amazing view behind.

the living room and the balcony

the living room with fireplace. darn, i should have lit it!

i even put a few pieces from my house out on the patio.

i loved the way the dining area came out. this is one of my favorite photos of the condo.

the "guest" room with our new riata bedding.

here is the master bedroom in the daytime. the bedding is a new collection out in the spring called prairie flower.

another day time shot in the master bedroom. i had to get one in with the great design within reach egg chair.

i loved the way the master bedroom looked at night.

i thought the candle light made such a difference. too bad the fire marshall came and made us blow it out. party pooper!

i gathered a few pieces from anthropologie for the master bathroom.

and you know lulu had to make an appearance since she couldn't be there in person. the flowers were by city flowers.

i found the drape at anthro and thought it would make a perfect shower curtain.

so what do you think? could you live here?

i had a lot of fun putting this together. it took all day wednesday to decorate and a few hours on friday to break it down. and three days to recover afterwards!

thank you to soler productions for giving me this fab opportunity.


  1. After viewing this condo, I'm sure Duke Ellington, would have changed his lyrics, to "Mood Indigo", save the part that sings....'.that feeling goes stealing down to my shoes, while I just sit here and sigh..' Lovely design. Wonderful space. Congrats!!

  2. I went into my B+ material, for the Ellington reference, when Lorenzo's .."Wowee Zowee!" actually....., says it all.