Sunday, November 8, 2009

inglorius night

it's been such a nice relaxing sunday so far. lorenzo and i went to look at a new car for me but the one i wanted to check out wasn't at the lot so hopefully i can go see it tomorrow. yes, i'm doing that truly dreadful task of car shopping. as much as i love my wonderful blanca (yes, that's her in my banner) it may be time to get something newer since we are planning a road trip in the next few weeks and i just don't think i can put her through a drive like the one we will be taking. besides, i really do need something a little more reliable as i need on my car a great deal for work and do a lot of driving back and forth in and out of town. not to mention that i do not want to be stuck this year if by chance we do have another snowstorm t like the one we had last winter.

anyway, i didn't begin this post to tell you all about my car woes, i was planning on telling you about the movie lorenzo and i went to see last night,"inglorious basterds". i didn't really intend to see this movie, although i do like quentin tarantino, i just feel like lately, he's been doing the same thing over and over and i'm getting a little old for gratuitous violence. oh, don't get me wrong, i love movies like "true romance", "sin city" and "reservoir dogs", it's just that anymore, i use movies as more of an escape to take me to some faraway exotic locale, like paris, morocco or africa, so the violent ones just don't appeal to me as much anymore. but i must say, i was pleasantly surprised by inglorious. the entire time, lorenzo and i kept thinking how it seemed more like a coen brothers film than a tarantino because it was a little out of his usual style of filming. when i saw in the listing that it was going to be two and a half hours long, i didn't think i would make it all the way through, but it didn't even seem that long. and finally, brad pitt has done something decent, i really haven't liked many of his latest films but he was great in this one.

and even better, it was showing at one of my favorite theatres, the laurelhurst. the theatre was packed last night since it was a prime movie going night of wind and rain and the dark beer we had on tap was a great cold winter's nightcap.

did you do anything fun last night?

for tonight, i think i'm going to make chicken soup and drink some wine and do laundry. tomorrow i'm taking the day off to get caught up on my household responsibilities, but tonight, i'm taking it easy!

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