Saturday, November 7, 2009

face it

i'm pretty shy about having my picture taken but lorenzo took a somewhat ok photo of me at the indigo the other night so i thought i would post it just for the heck of it.

i've always been very self conscious about my skin and the fact that i have a very thin upper lip, not to mention that big nose, so i always cringe when i see a photo of myself. it's funny because i don't feel that way in reality, just when looking at photos. i hate how flat they can be. well, anyway, due to the fact that i have been burning my candle at both ends, my friend kjirsten bought me a facial today so i could get in a little pampering and relaxation and let me tell you, i'm hooked!

i went to see lenor b. over at ne 16th and broadway and it was amazing. the facial consisted of a complete cleansing, exfoliation, a rubdown of various creams, massage, aromatherapy, oxygen therapy and waxing. can i just say i feel like a new person. i hope i can stick to the things she talked to me about my skin, like using a good moisturizer and keeping hydrated. i wish i was the kind of person that made self-care more of a priority but i always thought it was so self-indulgent and expensive--but guess what, it's not. it actually was very affordable, you just have to find the right place that works within your budget and i feel lenor is very reasonable.

now i'm at home, relaxing with a glass of wine, listening to my new pete yorn/scarlett johansson cd and waiting for l. to get off of work so we can go out later.

i just love saturdays!

and thank you to kj for the fab facial.

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