Monday, August 3, 2009

cart party

potato champion (background)

whiffies fried pies


if you haven't driven by se hawthorne at 12th ave lately, you may be surprised to see a little collection of food carts in a parking lot that sat vacant for many years. there had been a cart or two at this location but in the past year it has really taken off due in part to the popularity of the belgian fry cart called potato champion. this cart has quite a draw to it partially due to it's unusual hours (wed-sat 8 pm-3 am), which accomodates the after hours bar scene but mostly due to its fantastic belgian style fries and poutine. while i try to limit my late night fry consumption, they are very good and i recommend giving them a try next time you find yourself on this corner in the late night hours.

a few new additions have popped on the corner which complement the fry cart quite nicely including a traditional french creperie and the whiffies fried pie cart. i was not sure what to expect in a fried pie since my recollection flashed back to those fried pies i would get as a kid from the corner market for a quarter but i am happy to say that these fried pies are quite an improvement. we tried a tofu pot pie from the savory side and it was really good. next time i want to try a coconut cream pie which several people were ordering.

my favorite looking cart in the lot is the newest addition, the crepe cart. it is a beautiful cart that looks like it is straight out of paris. i've not yet tried a crepe there but i plan on it very soon.

i highly suggest stopping by on a friday or saturday night where you will find a little block party going on. they often even have music but it usually ends by about 10 due to city ordinances. you never know, you may even run into hawthorne girl and little lulu (her favorite are the fries)!

bisou, bisou!

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